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Everett Class of 1977

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Classmate Directory Information

We need some information about you so that we can put together an information directory about us!  This questionaire will also be mailed to you with the reunion registration form.  Please return the form or get the information to us any way you can so we can build this book!  Everyone attending the reunion will receive a copy!

Please return this information with your reunion registration, or email to:




Here's the questions we need answers to:


Maiden Name:

Current Address:

Apartment, Home or Condo:

Telephone Number:


Employed at:

Work Title:

College (s) Attended:

Marital Status:

Spouse Name:

Length of Current Marriage:

# of Children:

Names of Children and their ages:

Children’s Colleges / Degree’s:

# of Grandchildren, Names and Ages:

Pet(s) / Name(s):

Places you have lived and length of time you have lived there:

2nd Homes or Cottages/ where:

Favorite Hobbies: